Energy Ratings


Home Energy Modeling

Whether you are participating in an AHFC program like the rebate program, 5star+ new contruction, or BEES, would like energy modeling in the PassiveHaus’ PHPP, or just want to know what the low hanging fruit is in your home for energy savings, We want to work with you.  We’ve worked with over a thousand combined homeowners, non-profits, and city and tribal governments spanning all parts of Alaska.  As a general contractor as well, we can better help determine what is most cost effective to reduce your energy use.

If you are wanting to participate in an AHFC program, be sure to contact them at 1-877-257-3228 or to sign up or check your status.


Energy Modeling in AkWarm or Passive House Planning Package (PHPP).

Moisture transfer through building components modeling in Wufi, and Thermal Bridge modeling in  Therm.

Combustion and ventilation safety testing and monitoring

Blower-door testing

Investigative work associated with building component failure, rot, mold, or moisture issues

General Contracting

Contact us with questions on our services or to set up a consultation.  You can also see energy rating prices here.


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